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Welcome to Cybercat Graphics !

Stephie Stone is a freelance artist who has been creating fun and fantasy images for over two decades. She has a fondness for wildlife, fantasy, fairy tales and sci-fi. She's been drawing and creating artwork since she could hold a crayon. It's more than a passion it's an outright obsession! Her favorite subjects are dragons, unicorns, fairies and of course anthropomorphic animals. She works in a variety of media from Watercolors, Acrylics and Prisma Markers to digital programs like Photoshop and Paint Tool Sai. She has worked on a number of projects from private commissions to creating the ever popular Vampire Pony (which can be found on her Redbubble and Cafepress shops!). She's worked with other creators such as Bill Taylor (Comic book: Anubis, Guardian of the Tomb), a cover for Bernard Doove's novel (Transformation) which won the 2005 Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration, as well as artwork for the online trading card game Ederon TCG, and provided content for Seremeres.com games division. You can also find her art on IMVU a 3d Chat community where she's achieved Pro-Dev status, creating both stickers, skins and clothing for virtual avatars.

You can contact Stephie via E-Mail and she is always happy to discuss art, take suggestions for future projects, or discuss the latest news on her favorite shows and books.

You can contact her at cybercatgraphics@yahoo.com

Stephie sells prints and original art and is available for commissions. Stephie is always interested in working with others and welcomes further opportunities to do character design, novel covers and other commercial art venues.

Check out some of my most recent art at DA!


















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